Berkhamsted Castle, Cornwall

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The precise origin of Berkhamsted Castle is uncertain. It was probably built by Robert, Count of Mortain and Earl of Cornwall, who was the half-brother of King William I. Robert prospered from the Norman Conquest in 1066 and grew even more rich during the following years.

However, his son made a big slip-up by backing Robert of Normandy against King Henry I. Henry confiscated the castle and its grounds and put it up for rent. A number of wealthy families rented it from time to time, one of whom was Thomas Becket.

Berkhamsted Castle is of the classic style for its age in that it is a motte and bailey castle. The motte is a tall conical rise of earth on which would stand the last line of defence, the keep. Two ditches surround the bailey with a rampart in between. The ditches may or may not have been full of water.

The motte and bailey and its keep were the ancient equivalent of a modern strong or safe room. If the outer concentric walls of the castle were breached, the family occupying the castle and their most trusted soldiers would flee into the keep and lift up the drawbridge. Any would-be attackers now had to approach across open ground, in effect a killing field.

Then the invaders would have to cross a ditch or a moat under weighty fire, climb over a rampart and swim another moat. If they got that far they would face a sheer keep wall with no windows doors or toe-holds whilst a withering shower of rocks and arrows showered down upon them from a great height.

The keep at Berkhamsted Castle has been taken away quite some time ago. It has to be remembered that castles were symbols of foreign oppression and were fiercely hated by the indigenous locals. The first castles or forts really were Roman; then came, Saxon forts and castles and finally Norman castles – all owned by marauding foreigners.

So once a castle was destroyed or badly damaged, it was not unusual for the locals to pillage the ruins in order to build a new cottage for their family or a new cowshed for their livestock. It was easier to steal the rocks from the rundown castle than quarry them themselves. So, the original rocks that made up Berkhamsted Castle are almost certainly to be discovered under centuries of plaster in the near-by local farmhouses.

Having said that, there are still sections of the original flint wall from the era of Thomas Becket’s occupancy of the castle. The bits of stone were almost certainly too small to be worth pinching.

The remnants of three semi-circular towers flank this wall which ran from the motte to the bailey. They too lie in ruins although the foundations show what they were. There are also the ruins of a barbican at the north end of the bailey.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of castles in the United Kingdom. Most of them are in ruins but some are very well conserved and some are even still occupied, like Windsor Castle for instance.

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Hotels Vs Self Catering Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

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Cornwall is a wonderful place to take a chilled and affordable holiday in the UK. If you need to make the most out of your holiday though you want to be sure you select the right accommodation. The key decision you will have to make before you start looking out for a place to remain is whether you would like to hire a cottage or a hotel room. There are benefits and downsides to both so it’s important to realise these before making your call.

The main advantage to selecting a hotel is that you have most things provided for you. Going on holiday is all about relaxing and it definitely helps when you do not have to worry about changing the bed sheets or cooking your own food. You’re also likely to have more facilities in a hotel like swimming pools, a gymnasium and bar. If you have small children then hotels frequently supply entertainment for them during the day and evening.

If you choose to go for a hotel then you’ll also need to choose whether you would like B-and-B, half board or full board. For the final relaxing holiday you need to go for full board which means you have all of your meals provided for you. This may be pricey though and means you won’t have the chance to sample some of the local cafes.

The benefit to getting a cottage around Cornwall is that you have a lot more space than in a hotel. Hostels are neat if you plan on spending your days travelling the surrounding Cornwall countryside or going to the beach every day. On the other hand, they can be prohibiting if your dream holiday involves staying in your accommodation to chill for the majority of the time. Cottages also provide more space if you’re going on a family holiday.

The drawback to getting a cottage is that someone has to take responsibility for keeping it clean and cooking the meals. You always have the choice of going out for dinner each evening although this can mount up to lots of cash particularly if you are feeding a whole family. You also usually don’t get the same number of facilities and services that you’d get in a hotel. In some cases you can rent cottages that are part of a holiday park and these could have facilities for guests to use although the cottages will not have the same Cornish uniqueness and beauty.

The choice between holiday cottages in Cornwall and hostels will generally be decided by the sort of holiday you want to have. For a more traditional family holiday cottages are perfect as they give you more space and privacy. Hotels , however , are the better option if you’re going on holiday to relax or if you just need somewhere to sleep after a day’s travelling and sightseeing. Either way, you need to ensure you get accommodation that’s’s near to the places you would like to visit whether that’s’s one of the many beaches in Cornwall, a major town such as Newquay or a tourist attraction.

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A Guide To The Eden Project

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If you’re planning on taking a holiday in Cornwall this year then the Eden Project is one attraction you shouldn’t miss. If you’ve ever wondered what walking in a tropical rainforest would be like ( without the dangerous insects and reptiles ) then you can enjoy the planet’s’s biggest greenhouse. The closest large city to the Eden Project is St Austell but there are loads of places nearby to stay should you would like to visit.

The greenhouses are built within an enormous clay pit. Even though the greenhouses themselves are the primary attraction there are a bunch of things to see outside if the weather is acceptable. Once you enter the project you’ll be met by the 2 main greenhouses, a bunch of smaller gardens and in a few cases a stage where shows take place throughout the year. You check the Eden project website for more information on the location and times of shows before your visit.

The largest greenhouse is the tropical one and this is what the majority come to see. As the name implies this is where all of the tropical and exotic plants are kept including pineapple plants, coffee and bamboo. Thanks to the environment that these plants need the greenhouse is kept at a warm temperature all year around so be sure you wear light clothes. The Eden Project is kept open across the whole year so if you’re visiting on a cold day bring a jumper or coat that may be easily removed.

The second greenhouse is crammed with Mediterranean plants. Although it isn’t quite as large as its tropical opposite number there’s still plenty to see inside including a variety of plants and sculptures. There’s also a comparatively new attraction called The Core which is aimed at training children about the climate, plants and general environmental concerns. The Core building in itself is worth seeing as it’s built in a technique to mimic plant life.

Though taking a look at plants in a greenhouse may not sound like the most exciting trip for kids you’ll be stunned by the amount the Eden Project has to offer . Aside from the natural interest that youngsters have in the environment and plants there are plenty of other attractions including play areas and workshops. There’s also The Core which includes hands on experiments and attractions for youngsters. There will always be something for the kids to do and they’re guaranteed to enjoy the trip.

The Eden project is unquestionably worth visiting whether or not you aren’t staying close by. If it is one of the attractions that you definitely would like to see then it is smart to look for a holiday cottage in Cornwall that’s’s relatively close though. The closest major town is St Austell but the attraction is inside driving distance of Newquay, Padstow and Bodmin. It’s often a good idea to check the journey time before booking a villa or house though as the journey from the far corner of Cornwall is a long one. This is especially critical if you have babies.

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The benefits of renting A vacation Cottage In Cornwall

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One of the most beautiful parts of the UK to spend a holiday is Cornwall. From the rolling green country to the stunning wonderful beaches there is something for everybody to see and do. Irrespective of where you are visiting you need to make sure you get the right accommodation as this may make the difference between the ideal holiday and a bad dream. Here are some of the primary advantages of hiring a cottage in Cornwall.

Privacy is one of the major advantages of hiring a cottage. In a hotel there’s always the possibility that you might be next door or underneath noisy guests. You also need to share the out of doors areas with other guests. If you like being alone with your friends or family then a holiday cottage in Cornwall is surely the most suitable option. You’ll nearly always have your own garden space and in some cases even a private pool or jacuzzi. Sometimes hotel staff could be a tiny overbearing and excited to please which is another problem that you don’t get in a cottage.

When you rent self catering accommodation you’ll almost always have more money to spend on trips and gifts for your holiday. Even though you might need to eat out frequently there is nothing stopping you from having a few meals in the cottage to save cash. If you want to be ready to visit attractions e. G the Eden Project whilst on your holiday in Cornwall then self-catering may provide you with the spare money to do so. Remember to check the kitchen facilities of the cottage you are renting before you commit otherwise you may be disappointed if it does not have all the appliances that you need.

Another advantage of having a cottage is that it provides you with more home comforts. You could have a dining room for eating, a living room for relaxing while watching the TV and a separate bedroom for sleeping. A hotel can feel cramped after a little while while a large cottage doesn’t have that problem. If you’re staying in the cottage for a long time it could also be very helpful to have a washer and dryer as it means that you don’t have to bring a replacement set of garments for every day.

One thing to keep a look out for is renting a cottage or loft that’s’s attached to the owner’s house. The vast majority of owners are deferential when it comes to giving their guests privacy but there are a few that are not.

there are many benefits to hiring a holiday cottage in Cornwall compared with other options such as a hotel. If you want to explore the countryside of Cornwall while still having all of the comfort of home then there is nothing that compares to a well equipped cottage. There is a wide range of different cottages available from small single bedrooms to much larger cottages with multiple bedrooms so you can always be ready to find somewhere that suits the type of holiday that you want.

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Holiday In Cornwall

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A complete holiday spirit is something that gives you a tremendous pleasure to explore, like your soul Drifting on a specific destination, which serves the Difference The benefits of the experience throughout.

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When the amazing alternatives to the form of vacation leave, luxury cottages and more, which can best adjust to a vacation experience unforgettable beauty of Cornwall attracts millions to visit the natural monstrous Rewards style.

Some specific characteristics, which speaks well to this beautiful place blessed with natural beauty that Cornwall is more severe than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Although the Winters are shorter, the bill season lasts a little and the spring makes the most bizarre appearance earlier than other places.

The cold water, River Tamar, Cornwall dismiss any other in the UK with a similar definition is an island. luxury cottages Cornwall is a great place to relax and leave behind your concerns and remedy, because it takes you is a verdant nature, discover a rich history and the beaches of Cornwall, and your leisure and fun.

The scenery along the coast is an amazing attraction, because anyone can enjoy the beauty of the waves smashing hard against the rocks, throwing sea spray across the face. If you are looking for a great walking trail, you may be part of the past when the footpath is a Cornish Coastal Path request it winds its way as messenger to the north coast, south, and In addition, it is up to Plymouth.

There are countless tourist destinations that are a pleasure to serve the people visiting Cornwall, with a great delight. These are the forms of access to the beautiful sights such as Tamar Valley, Bodmin moor and near St. Austell also playfully enjoy the glory of youth in clay peach.

If the idea is to open the door of history, and discover through sands of time the true end of Cornwall, you can find everything that you visit the property the National Trust, the castles and land that dot the landscape.

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall is a great visit for treatment of fascinators and admirers of the cultural history of people with directions to explore the beauty of natural variations and different sizes of glorifying, bizarre flavors of organic ago, Eden Project is a place to check out in Cornwall.

The Cornish Coast of Cornwall was a popular holiday main airport serving the people, which is a complete joy and satisfaction of a great holiday experience, so that when you return to Cornwall to bring fond memories is unparalleled and amazing experience of a life.