The Fire of Arenal Volcano Hotel

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Finding a place for the perfect getaway is filled with plenty of research and phone calls. Perhaps you are looking for the different and unusual that is filled with excitement all at the same time. This can be found at the Arenal Volcano Hotel.

This is the perfect spot for a wedding and romantic for a honeymoon. Here you are going to find a hotel that will offer you a spa where you can relax your way back to the peace and relaxation that you have been searching for.

Not only is the Arenal Volcano Hotel a hot spot for your special day but also the perfect spot for a business conference. The facilities hold up to 250 people and can provide you with internet and of course air condition.

The accommodations offer queen size and king size beds as well as mini-bar and hydro-massage. Of course, you don’t want to leave out the breathtaking view of the active volcano and mountains. The Arenal Volcano Hotel will leave you breathless with all that it has to offer.

For a relaxing soak, you can enjoy one of the hot springs that is available to you as well. The waters in the springs are great for your skin and also have a hydro-massage as well. You will be able to find one that has just the right temperature for you. Depending upon which spring you visit, there is a snack bar and a salon as well.

As you can see, the Arenal Volcano Hotel is able to offer you everything that you are looking for in a vacation and special getaway. You can lay all of your research to rest when you decide to make this special hotel your choice for a vacation. Visit for more information and hotel reservations online.

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Enjoy the Unique Luxury of Jaco Vacation Rentals

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If you want the beauty and escape of a tropical paradise without the crowds of the large tourist hotels Jaco vacation rentals may be exactly what you’re looking for. You can rent your own beachfront condominium and enjoy the freedom of having your own residence on one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

Jaco vacation rentals are available along the Costa Rican Central Coast. These comfortable retreats offer the hospitality of a hotel with the comfort of a private condominium. Rentals are located in the beach resort towns of La Paloma Blanca, Bahia Azul, and Bahia Encantada. Costa Rica is famous for its beaches and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy day tours of the area with knowledgeable guides who will make sure you know about all of the best places to visit along the beaches or in nearby towns. There are also adventure tours for guests who enjoy the thrill of water sports.

Of course, Costa Rica also has several options for dining and dancing. Spend the day on the beach and the night on the town at one of the many bars or restaurants. If you prefer to shop, you will find everything from simple souvenir stores to high-end boutiques. Explore the history of the area, or spend the day people watching at the beach.

Everyone will find something appealing on the Central Costa Rican Coast. Your vacation will be even more enjoyable when you can enjoy the privacy of your own Jaco vacation rental. You can relax in your temporary beach home without the distractions of housekeepers or other hotel guests.

Rentals are a unique way to enjoy the natural wonders of a beach vacation. Renting a condominium on the beach gives you a real sense of owning your own slice of paradise, even if it is only for a week or two.

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Relax at Jaco Beach Hotels

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Going on vacation means time to get away and relax at the Jaco Beach Hotels. There are many rooms with an ocean view and when the windows are open you can hear the waves rolling in and hitting the sand. There is no better way to go to sleep and to wake up in the morning. Being able to see the ocean just brings about a feeling of piece and relaxation that nothing else can give you. Not to mention that the site of the ocean right outside your window is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

If you do not feel like sitting at the beach during the day, there is a swimming pool that you can also relax by to work on your tan and enjoy the sun. The pool is perfect at the Jaco Beach Hotels if you are traveling with little ones as well. It can save you from chasing them up and down the beach and keep them in one place. This way mom and dad can enjoy the water as well without the worry of a child running off into the ocean.

While you are visiting at Jaco Beach Hotels, you are close to all of the night life and shopping that you could ask for. There are many shops that you can visit where you can purchase gifts to take home to friends and family but you may just want to pick up a little something for yourself to remember your trip here. If you need to get to the bank there is also one that is close by as well. You can also visit the many different restaurants that are around and enjoy some of the local cuisine while you are out shopping for the day.

If you are traveling with your children, there is a play area for them. This will give you an opportunity to get a break for just a little while and sit back and relax. Talk with some of the other parents that are staying at the Jaco Beach Hotels and see what they think of their stay. It is the perfect opportunity to have some grown up talk and remember that you came here for a great vacation and the chance to enjoy yourself as well as your children. There is something for everyone here.

When it comes to your room and your visit here, you will be supplied with everything that you could need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is air condition in your room as well as cable television, wireless internet, a fitness room to work out and a spa where you can relax after your workout. You will find a beautiful garden where you can take an evening stroll and enjoy the beauty of the Jaco Beach Hotels. You will appreciate your surrounding as they will relax you and give you a sense of belonging back into the world.

As you can see, the Jaco Beach Hotels is a great and wonderful place to take your vacation. Regardless of whether you are coming here on business, a couple’s vacation or a family vacation, you are going to enjoy yourself and feel like a new person by the time that you leave. This is the place to come when you want to feel rejuvenated, renewed and whole once again. Enjoy the night life, the daytime activities and everything that is offered in between. The beach is calling your name and the staff is opening the doors for you and helping you to enjoy your stay for as long as you are here. Come visit us at

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Our Tropical Paradise Trip In ‘Costa Rica’

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After a smooth landing we drew in a huge breath of relief, as after an 18 hour long flight we had finally arrived in Costa Rica, which literally translates as ‘Rich Coast’ and renowned for its beauty and pure, tropical paradise.

Costa Rica is home to an abundance of natural delights. It is a small country but this doesn’t stop the 1.5 million tourists from flocking each year. The difference between beach, jungle and mountain life is so drastic and yet in Costa Rica one is lucky enough to be able to experience all of them.

Our first stop was San Carlos, La Fortuna and arriving at night we were faced by an unbelievably, immense and active volcano otherwise known as ‘Volcan Arenal’ that was spilling lava from one of its three craters. The mixture of intense, burning colors that were flowing down the side of the volcano was jaw dropping.

We stayed the night at the base of the volcano in an observatory lodge. It was like we had the best front row seats at the cinema because in the morning we had the privilege of eating breakfast accompanied by the volcano and all of its activity. It all just felt so surreal!

After our horseback ride we started on our trek down along the winding, forest trail towards ‘La Fortuna’ waterfall and within 30 minutes we were witnessing one the many incredible forces of nature. If I am honest, the waterfall was one of the highest and most powerful waterfalls that I have ever seen before.

That afternoon we were on our way up the mountain side. Next stop, the Monteverde Cloud Forest! The intensity of the views as we snailed up the bumpy, dirt roads grew with each curve that we took. It was truly breathtaking and we both felt completely at peace.

We had arrived! The road changed from one of dirt and stones to one of concrete and we slowly entered the small, mountain top town. We found a place to stay in this cool, hip run hostel and before we knew it, with the help and advice of the superb staff we had everything planned out for our day ahead. Time to relax!

I have never felt more like a monkey until I hit the canopy. We were going from tree to tree in the vast forest and then came the time to do the tarzan swing. This is a definite for those who like an adrenaline rush, as from the time I stepped off the platform to when I finished my body was tingling with pure excitement. As I was swinging through the trees I felt so free from everything!

That evening after a fun packed day in the forest we were blessed with the perfect sunset! We sat on a rock and starred up into the hypnotizing night sky. The fusion of oranges, yellows and pinks was undeniably magical and although we took photos the real memories will remain in our heads. Photographs can never really capture the true beauty that surrounds us! Costa Rica is the perfect paradise!

Costa Rica is a great place to travel to, filled with much beauty and life. The author has lived for many years in Monteverde Costa Rica. If you ever decide to visit Monteverde make sure to check out How to get Transportation to from Monteverde.

Off The Beaten Path: Caribbean Costa Rica Beaches

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The Latin American country we know as Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, world-famous for its pristine waters, tropical mountains, and volcanoes. There are sandy beaches ranging from white to black, coral beaches, and rugged boulder strewn beaches with magnificent surf along the Caribbean Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Because of its many attractions and stability, it has become one of the favorite tropical vacations for beach lovers and eco-tourists.

Few visitors to Costa Rica appreciate its rich history or how it got its name. About 10 years after discovering the New World along the American coast, Christopher Columbus returned and sailed south. He became so enthralled with the Caribbean beaches he found here that he named his discovery Costa Rica! The name is Spanish for rich coast and has stuck for over 500 years.

Despite the passage of centuries there is still a lot for travelers to discover on the Atlantic side of this little country. This coast is much more undeveloped and has a very different ambiance from the Pacific. Think reggae.

For many eco tourists, no Costa Rica vacation is complete without touring one of the country’s Seven Wonders, Tortuguero National Park. Tortuguero is the largest nesting area for the green sea turtle in the western hemisphere. When Columbus landed, these oldest of reptiles, dating back millions of years before the first dinosaur, nested here in unfathomable numbers and surely provided fresh meat for his crew. For centuries, beaches here were some of the world’s largest hunting grounds for these gentle animals. That changed in 1961 when it was transformed into the world’s premier reserve and leading center for turtle monitoring and research. In addition to green sea turtles, three of the other six surviving endangered sea turtle species come ashore to nest. You will find a growing number of tours and lodges which service an increasing number of fishermen and families. Wildlife is very abundant and the rivers and ocean provide great fishing.

Limon is often the starting point to head north by boat or small aircraft to Tortuguero or along the Costa Rica Caribbean highway to great beaches south, including the beach where Columbus named the country. Limon is not a recommended vacation destination and is best thought of as the place to go north or south. Heading south will take you to Puerto Viejo. This small place is legendary for surfers and a favorite Costa Rica surfing destination. From November through April, it is often filled with surfers. The top surfers head for the world-famous three-mile long La Salsa Brava wave. A short distance south beginners and intermediates can have lots of fun surfing at Playa Cocles.

Between Limon and Puerto Viejo is the small community of Cahuita, primarily a stop for snorkeling and beach walks. There are white and black sand beaches here and good snorkeling. The coral reef is just offshore and has two shipwrecks to explore. At night, vacationers find this place very quiet and many head down to Puerto Viejo for its restaurants.

As one drives farther south, the Gandoco-Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve awaits nearly at the Panama border. This is where Columbus came ashore and named Costa Rica. Here he found, and you will, too, crystal clear tropical waters perfect for swimming. But, unlike him you will be able to go scuba diving at Costa Rica’s largest coral reef. The rare and recently discovered river Tucuxi Porpoise lives only here. Visitors can see sea turtles nesting and fishermen often find tarpon and snook. Lots of them. In the sea just offshore, in the many lagoons and rivers. Very little fishing pressure. But when they are here, lots of fish!

Mr. Vic Krumm lives in tropical Costa Rica and and has a popular website Costa Rica Vacations. Look here to learn more about Costa Rica Beaches

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