Kissing’ Britons Face Dubai Jail

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Two Britons have unsuccessfully appealed against jail time for kissing in Dubai. A court in the Gulf state upheld the one month jail sentence for breaching the strict decency laws of the Muslim country. A local woman claimed she had seen Ayman Najafi, 24, and Charlotte Adams, 25, kissing on the lips in a beach restaurant in November. Officials have taken the word of the local woman over the Britons although they insist they simply kissed on the cheek when greeting each other and friends at the Jumeirah Beach Resort.

Although the pair has a final opportunity for appeal, many consider this would only prolong the process of an inevitable custodial sentence.

The judgement visibly surprised and upset the pair and their attorney; Khalaf al-Hosani acknowledged he was not confident this latest appeal would be of any use. “We will try and stop the judgement but it is not certain. We are meeting this afternoon to decide what to do. If we do not appeal they will go to jail,” he said.

Once they have fulfilled their jail terms, the pair will be deported from Dubai, they will also be forced to pay 180 fine each for admitting being drunk in public. Adams was recorded to be confident the appeal would cause the sentence to be reduced to a fine and deportation. “Hopefully I’ll be going home on Sunday” She said. The appeal was met with immediate dismissal by the Judge Aysar Fouad.

The team defending the pair have argued that there were inconsistencies in the case and that although an original police report had stated the Emirati woman had witnessed the pair kissing herself but a later statement confirmed only her children had seen the incident.

Najafi has been working as a management consultant in the country for 18 months. Adams is an estate agent from London and was on holiday in Dubai when she was arrested. Both stand to lose their jobs and earn a permanent criminal record.

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Packing Well For A Successful House Move

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The key to a stress free move is to have a qualified company come and handle everything for you. If you are looking for someone to help you pack and move there are professional movers in Dubai who are experts in the field. Unlike other cities across the world, a large percentage of moving companies in Dubai offer this service as standard. These movers have many years of experience in packing and moving residential and office furniture around the Emirates. They will generally handle the disassembly and reassembly of large furniture items as well. Check websites, research forums and find a company with good reviews and testimonials that you feel you can trust for the job.

Here’s what you should do before the truck arrives on moving day:

You will require lots of boxes for all your possessions if you want to save some money. You’ll need to put together a list of all of the items for easy reference that you need to have packed up and loaded on the truck. Most movers will offer to sell you boxes and the majority of these companies will buy back any which you do not use.

Pack in an ordered fashion. E.g. pack lights and their bulbs together, books and their bookends in the same boxes etc. If you have any wall hangings keep their wall fastenings in the same box so they remain together. This can simplify things and save you a load of time when you’re unpacking at your destination. While you’re packing, put items which go together in the same boxes and don’t overload.

Overloading a box could result in the bottom falling out which is the last thing you want. Be sure to place a label on your boxes. Use the names of the rooms on the labels. This makes unpacking quicker and easier at you destination as the removal crew know exactly where to place your boxes.

Another thing you can do to make packing and unpacking easier is to keep numbered lists of what items are in each box. Note down the condition of the piece of furniture and if there are any scratches and mark out any delicate pieces you want them to take special care of. Televisions and artwork can be bubble wrapped and carried in a safe compartment of the removal van.

If the company is handling the disassembly, make sure they individually wrap each section of your furniture. Glass doors from TV cabinets for example should be separated with cardboard sections and bubble wrapped. Wooden sections of a double bed should be protectively wrapped and tied together with all screws and bolts in a ziplock bag and taped to the bed head so they are easier found at your destination.

When loading your furniture; you should keep an eye on the job, ensuring that everything is placed neatly and securely to your satisfaction. Check each item off as it is being loaded. If for some reason you are unable to be at the destination to meet the moving truck; ensure there is person left in charge can be there so that everything is unloaded and unpacked correctly as it is taken off of the truck. As each item is unloaded the supervisor should check each item and make sure that there has not been any damage. Then after each piece is looked over, they can check the item off the checklist which you made before the trip, making notes of damage on the list.

With preparation, organization and experienced movers, packing up and moving in Dubai can be easy and a stress free experience.

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Holidays To Dubai Worth Every Penny

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Vacation choices can include different things for different people. Exotic locales such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates offer people a chance to try out anything and everything they can think of while on vacation. Holidays to Dubai can be expensive or they can be cost efficient, depending on where a person chooses to stay.

Dubai boasts a great number of luxury resorts. Many of these hotels are shaped like castles or palaces. Others take their focus towards golf courses and greens, encouraging people to bring the family along on their trips. Because Dubai has of late become a technologically advanced staging ground in terms of architecture, there are many shoreline reclamation projects and whole islands shaped to look like giant palm trees from above. Many of these islands hold expensive homes meant for those seeking privacy and decadent shoreline living.

Golfing is a major tourist attraction in Dubai. The elegantly landscaped greens attract millions each year and one course has even been voted in the top one hundred golf courses outside America by Golf Digest. Picture slicing into the air and watching the ball rise up and then down over the slow green slopes, the ocean’s azure waves creating a stunning background.

Dubai has a touch of modern in many of its tourist areas. One new hotel has a massive aquarium that brings in dolphins from the South Pacific ocean itself to frolic next to a rare whale shark. Guests can rent rooms that have a glass wall giving them a view of the aquarium itself day and night, so they can experience the view of the underwater Atlantis construction as well as colorful fish and swimming rays.

More than one hotel resort can say that the architecture and comforts they offer were directly inspired by old world Arabia. Stand-alone two story rental homes imitate the traditional courtyard summer houses of the ancient world. Accessed via the shore and waterways or by paths that meander through exotic gardens, the homes come in two styles and are perfect for small groups and families seeking privacy on their holiday.

As well as having mile after mile of shoreline, Dubai of course has a large expanse of desert. Tucked against some mountains and nestled within a desert conservation area is a hotel oasis that allows visitors to experience the natural flora and fauna of Dubai. Treks by camel back and guided desert tours are available as well as all the other amenities a luxury resort should offer, such as fine dining and swimming pools. Guests can also discover and try their hands at falconry, exploring the natural wonders of Arabia.

There are so many other things to see besides extensive golf courses or warm desert adventures. There are also historic national monuments such as Sheikh Saeed’s house, a throwback to older Arabic times and a showcase for Dubai history. An old market also stands not far away, perfect for visitors to glimpse Dubai’s old history as a pearl trading port. Potters and weavers alike still sell traditional wares. Beyond historical sites, there are also attractions such as an indoor snow dome for real skiing and water slides that cut through the tops of palm trees and offer rides that actually catapult riders through shark enclosures.

Different tourists and visitors to Dubai are looking for different things. Holidays to Dubai can cover all interests and tastes, from the exotic and luxurious to the active and athletic. People seeking privacy will find it here, and those looking to touch a piece of history won’t be disappointed.

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The Beauty Of Dubai’s Brand New High Rise

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Before I go any further about this monumental landmark, I should let you know that the building was just renamed to the Burj Khalifa shortly after it was unveiled.

Dubai decided to change its name as a means of showing it’s appreciation for the financial aid it received from Abu Dhabi, a country next door that helped out immensely while the world economy sunk to a state of crisis last year.

Now then, this building is quite special in that it is not like any of the other landmarks that are in the world. Chances are that you have seen something about it on the news, but we will discuss a few of the reasons why it is indeed the most unique building that our world has ever seen.

First of all, there are over 160 inhabitable floors. Not only are there this many of them, but there’s apartment space in the building that was selling for nearly $2,000 per square foot at its height.

That’s right; a 2,000 square foot apartment would have sold for nearly 4 million dollars! Thankfully, prices have dropped since then to as low as half of their peak, but that’s still some extraordinarily expensive real estate.

Along with restaurants and other types of commercial space, a lot of floors will be for offices.

The Burj Khalifa will also have a world class hotel inside it designed by Giorgio Armani. The 76th floor is going to have a swimming pool on it, which gives it the distinction of being the highest swimming pool in the world, and the 158th floor is going to have a mosque on it, giving it the distinction of being the highest mosque in the world.

Everything is extremely safe here, as safety should be a foremost concern in any worldwide monument. The actual security of this building is another awesome feature because it is different than anything that has ever been seen in a building before. Special floors are at every 25 to 30 levels, having special compositions which cause them to be fire-resistant and their own air supplies.

Our world is certainly a much better place with the Burj Khalifa in it. It is a brand new architectural era that has arrived. Behold the future of skyscrapers.

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How To Acquire Construction Jobs In Dubai

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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and offers many opportunities for construction jobs in Dubai. A particular perk is the fact that incomes are not taxed. Over three quarters of the population are foreign workers that come in for temporary jobs. If you are not in Dubai and looking for a construction job then you should look for recruitment consultants or agents as they are very important in bringing in foreign workers.

The migrant workers’ plight used to be really bleak without any minimum wage and living conditions that were not tolerable. Now the government has got involved and begun to pass laws.

There is no construction from 12:30-4:30 in the summer when days are at their hottest, well above one hundred degrees. There is legalization of trade unions and a significant improvement of medical care. The construction field has become a great work field in Dubai.

Besides just labourer construction jobs in Dubai there is a need for skilled management and consultant positions. There are actually many individuals to do the construction but employees skilled in safety codes, architecture and the ability to do highly skilled work is needed. Many foreign individuals are brought in as consultants to work on specific parts of construction jobs in Dubai.

Since it is hard to personally find work in Dubai after arriving, it is important to first make contact for a freelance or consulting job outside of the city. Dubai is currently working on projects that will include the tallest building,biggest airport, largest entertainment center, largest shopping mall and much more. Dubai is definitely the place to be if you are currently seeking employment for construction or any aspect of construction.

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