For A Unique Experience Try One Of Several Nile Cruise Holidays

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While Egypt might not be your first thought for a cruise, Nile cruise holidays have been around a long time and incorporate living history with relaxation. Often referred to as floating hotels, ships on this river are generally three to four stories high. Trips may be as short as three to four days although seven-day cruises are more desirable and some may last up to 10 or 14 days.

While available year round, the best time to travel here is during late fall into early spring. Many lines have boat trips during the summer, but the locks may not be operational because of unpredictable water levels. Thus, travelers may experience an inconvenience and have to change ships with a partial land trip avoiding the lock areas.

Seeing Egypt by the river is like no other adventure. You travel off the beaten path of many visitors and get to see many old villages where people live undisturbed by modern technology. They live and work as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago, farming with wooden plows while living in mud houses. You also may visit pyramids and other landmarks in history, that other tours do not offer.

There are many companies that offer these types of water trips and you need to sort through them or enlist a travel agent to find the best one for you. Most have filtered water for showering and bathing, while bottled water is recommended for drinking. Some boats sport a fancier regimen with dress-up for dinner, while others offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Most have swimming pools and hot tubs, a choice in restaurants and other types of activities including movies and exercise rooms.

You may wish to book some day tours into Cairo, for snorkeling in Hurghada or spending more time exploring pyramids and sphinx. Some cruise lines offer these through their companies. Others may hook you up with private tour businesses, or you may wish to check with your travel agent.

This is a unique type of vacation trip blending relaxation with hands-on historical education. Nile cruise holidays can be a great vacation for the entire family or the couple wanting to take a trip away from the daily routine. Look for choices in cruise cabins for the size and price best for you.

The best way to indulge in the ancient wonders of Upper Egypt is one on the many Nile Cruise Holidays that run from on a regular basis from Luxor.

Cairo – The Fantastic Capital Of Egypt

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Cairo is an extremely engaging city not only as the River Nile is centrally located here, it is also really popular for its shops. Yet there are other reasons why people choose Cairo as a place to visit. The city is most famous for having the oldest conserved architecture like the Three Pyramids and the Sphinx. It is famous because of its historical characteristics and in particular the Pyramids. There are countless people who take a trip to Cairo each and every week.

In order to relax there are lots of places to eat and they typically provide evening entertainment, its quite wonderful seeing people dance their own cultural movements.

There are a tremendous quantity of retailers, hotels and even spa treatments so if you’re one of the people that want to treat themselves then you have a wide range of choices.

A good number of people like the sunshine therefore as quickly as they get to Egypt they love nothing more than to head for the pool. A number of hotels in Cairo now feature sea water in their swimming pools rather than the chlorine and a good number of people think is an outstanding idea.

Egypt is a Muslim country and beginning at 6 o’clock every morning folks start to pray for the first of five times every day. There is a Mohamed Ali Mosque that is the symbol of Cairo. It’s called that because there was a man known as Mohamed Ali (1769 – 1849) who was born in Cavalia, Greece and was of Albanian origin. He had been a soldier in the army that had been sent to Egypt to liberate them from Napoleon’s occupation. Hence in the end he helped to free the nation and today people pray for him.

Cairo is home to about 20 million people as well as some of the most amazing treasures of the ancient world.

My Five Favourite Things To Do In Sharm

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Sharm el Sheikh offers a number of different pursuits that you may well try throughout the day, and my ideal past time is snorkeling in the crystal clear water. It’s genuinely exciting finding a large number of beautiful little fish swimming around the coral reefs. Once you have got going, you get increasingly more enthusiastic about the underwater life you would never find in the marine environments about Great Britain.

Besides this, I love watching the various stage shows in the hotels. As its starting to get dark a number of hotels offer a range of disco’s, childrens’ entertainment or shows to entertain their guests. One of my favourite shows was when different actors changed into different Michael Jackson costumes and pretended to be the characters from the Thriller music video. I loved that show and I’m confident if you were there as instead of me so would you too.

In the daytime there are various things to discover and enjoy. For example, there are sufficient glass-bottom boats which go travel 3-4 kilometres away to watch the stunning reefs or the marine life that lives there.

As people get closer to the town they choose to go shopping. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the thrilling past times mainly because once you’re somewhere overseas you usually want to get your family members a souvenir and Sharm has plenty of outlets packed with ancient or modern goodies.

If you get slightly bored or want to uncover the rest of the resort then you certainly should head out and take a trip to Old Sharm. Its the old town of Sharm el Sheikh and is the original area of the town prior to when it developed as a tourist place and it is much less crowded and quite an appealing place. Its a change of scenery and it is more laid back than Na’ama Bay.

These are my favourite things to do if I’m in Sharm el Sheikh on holiday.

Sharm el Sheikh is the most popular beach resort in Egypt attracting tourists from all over the planet.

A Cursory Insight Into Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jar Chests

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Canopic jar chests were one of the most important ritualistic items utilized in the elaborate burial customs that the Egyptians practiced. Prior to the mummification process many organs were taken out of the dead body and placed inside Canopic jars which would consequently be placed inside a Canopic chest. The chest containing the organs would be placed next to the tomb in a dedicated space called the Canopic shrine.

As per ancient Egyptian belief the deceased had the opportunity to return to its body if it willed. This is why they considered it imperative to preserve the different organs. The entire mummification process where the organs would be taken out and stored in these jars to be kept in the chest was quite elaborate and could take a number of days.

It was in the second Dynasty that the use of Canopic chests originated. Over the days the Canopic jar chests were modified every now and then depicting several types of designs. They were in use until the beginning of the Ptolemaic period.

The earliest proven evidence of Canopic burials goes back to the fourth Dynasty and was found at Giza in the tomb of Queen Meresankh III. This was during the time period of the reign of Menkaure. Instances of Canopic burials have also been found from the tombs that were made during the reign of Sneferu.

In the very first Canopic jars, the organs that were taken off the corpse were secured in wooden boxes. In some other instances, they were kept in stone jars or in pottery and closed with flat or dome-shaped lids. The chests were either designed by cutting out from soft stone, or were cut appropriately into the wall or ground of the specified tomb.

By the sixth Dynasty the Canopic jar chests were being made from granite. By the 1700s a multitude of materials were used to make the chests including wood, cartonnage, limestone and calcite.

As centuries passed by, the Canopic jars utilized to place the organs were altered too. When they were first made, only stone was utilized and had lids which were flat. Later, they were altered for making dome-like lids.

Following this the Egyptians tried several different materials which they utilized to create the jars. These jars contained four organs which were the liver, the stomach, the lungs and the intestines. Each of these organs was connected with specific deities.

Through the centuries, alterations in making the Canopic jars were visualized in various ways. A number of the ideas were practically put to work, to produce a variety of Canopic jars. In a number of jars, the lids were made out of a sculpture of jackal heads. These jackal heads were symbolic of the four sons of Horus. Each of the organs was ascribed to one of the sons of Hours. These were further guarded by some other stronger Egyptian deity.

The ancient Egyptian ankh symbol is said to represent eternal life. For more information on ancient Egyptian boat designs click on the link.

Travel Insurance Tips for Civil Uprisings

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Civil and political unrest is not usually covered under standard travel insurance.

For Egyptian travelers this news has come to late, and I am sorry about that. Trust me, I understand how bad it sucks to have to be the example from which others learn. So, in order to empower other travelers who use insurance, I decided to get the word out about travel insurance as it relates to civil and political upheavals.

While most policies do not include cancellation and/or interruption coverage for civil unrest, there are a few exceptions. It’s also important to read your policy carefully, because some insurances cover expenses if you are delayed as a result of an uprising; though, very few let you cancel your trip because of a country’s instability (terrorist attacks are generally an exclusion to this rule).

In a recent story for the Seattle Times, travel columnist Carol Pucci points out that travelers who want additional coverage have a couple of options, including “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance policies, which provide coverage for civil disorder at a higher price. For example, Pucci says standard travel insurance adds “4 to 8 percent to cost of the trip.” However, “Cancel for Any Reason” policies can tack on up to 50 percent or more, and only reimburse your prepaid travel costs up to 50 to 75 percent, which may not be feasible for yearly travel insurance or the budget backpacker.

A more budget-friendly option for travelers looking for political upheaval coverage may be the American Express Global Travel Shield classic plan. “It’s coverage, broader than most companies offer, is something to consider for trips to other destinations,” Pucci explains, adding that the policies coverage relating to Egypt’s protest is no longer offered, because the company views the country’s unrest as a “foreseeable event.”

Have your travels ever been cut short or canceled due to a political uprising? If so, or if you have any tips for travel insurance or navigating civil disorders, we’d love to hear your tales in the comments below.

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