Care Of Bonsai Tree

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The word bonsai means “bon planted” where the word bon refers to a pot which is tray-shaped. The tree is mostly to be found in Japan. Unlike other countries, the cultivation of trees is not limited to watering the plant daily alone in Japan, but it also includes proper watering, repotting, as well as shaping the plant in various containers.

The Bonsai species of juniper and maples are strong and hard. These can be grown in the outdoor gardens and in cold climatic zones. Other species of Bonsai should only be grown indoors under constant attention.

Due to the small containers, these roots are frequently undersized in growth. When you prune the roots of the bonsai regularly you can make sure that this plant has sufficient space required to grow the new roots that in turn can assist the plant to absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil.

In earlier days trees grown in containers were used for food or medicine purposes. These ‘container trees’ grew in popularity in Japan and its adjacent China during the days of Song Dynasty.

The roots should also be pruned off. Root bound species of Bonsai may not survive forever in such a condition. Bonsai trees should be repotted for about two or three years until the roots are furnished with the soil.

Pruning of the branches can be carried out during the spring season. A lot of growth can be shunted by following this procedure. The desirable branches can be wired for controlling the direction of the growth. The wiring of a Bonsai tree requires advanced skill. Gardening manuals are available that offers a detailed description of pruning and wiring of the branches. You will find the manual in a Bonsai tree club who are dedicated to the cause of caring for Bonsai trees.

The amount you need to prune depends heavily on the ideas you have for the bonsai tree. It is always better to have an idea before you start pruning. Keep in mind that all the alterations you are supposed to make are permanently. So, if you cut a small branch that means the branch cut forever.

Also keep in mind to prune your bonsai tree gently, while removing the leaves try to pinch then with your fingers and not with any sharp tool. When it comes to pruning bonsai trees, most of the people like to prune the branches which usually cross the trunk because it does not look good.

Gardeners should weigh the bonsai tree using a scale and make records for any future reference. The tree should be watered thoroughly without worrying about over hydration. The excess water will be drained out from the bottom portion of the pot. Always make sure to weigh the tree and compare the figures with the previous records.

Comparing the figures will help you to analyze whether further watering is needed for the tree. This practice can be performed if the gardener has doubts about the amount of watering. Keep in mind that over watering as well as under watering is bad for the growth of the tree. Proper calculation is important for the fast growth of the tree.
Different species of Bonsai require different care techniques. Gardeners should understand the methods which will help in the proper growth of a Bonsai tree.

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