All You Should Know About Camping in France

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Camping in France, either in tents or with caravans, is a very famous activity both with French citizens and foreigners from bordering European countries. France owns thousands of camping grounds scattered all over the country that means wherever you happened to be in France you’ll never be too far away from a camping ground.

Even if there is not camping ground near at hand , many hostels in France let you to put up tents in the back garden. Many camping grounds in France are situated near rivers, lakes and even the ocean making for impressive surroundings.

However, camping grounds are scarcely near any sites of touristy or historic importance which means it’s certainly an advantage if you have your own vehicle to get to and from the camping site in France.

In France during winter nearly all the camping grounds are closed and some of them are kept open only during summer to lodge tourists who throng to France during summer thereby filling these camping sites to capacity.

Annual vacation is taken by the French families in summer thanks to the long school holidays in that period in France.

During summer you may not get accommodation in the camping sites if you reach them late in the day. Staff of course will do their best to put you there if you have walked from your earlier destination on foot.

The cost of stay in these camping grounds in France vary depending upon the facilities they offer. Rating between 2 and 4 stars is awarded to these sites. The price for putting up a tent is of course the same as that of using a caravan brought by the traveller.

However, caravans are charged in addition for using electricity. Many camping grounds in France have fixed price deals for up to three people, while children under the age of 12 are extremely discounted.

Unlicensed camping, called camping sauvage in French, is unlawful and could get you in trouble. However, many people still do it. Provided you only set up camp for one night, take down the tent in the day, don’t make much din and don’t light a camp fire, you’ll in all likelihood get away with illegal camping in France.

Train travel in France Is ogenerally cheap and comfortable. There are several places in France you can get to by train if you are interested in Campsites in France.

Provence, France

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Bordering Italy, Provence is the the southeast of France — on the Meditteranean. It sets itself apart by the unique culture, incredible history, amazing topography and, of course, the local specialities in terms of food and wine. These areas combine to make Provence one of France’s most popular tourist destinations.

There are many historic Provence attractions. Paleolithic sites near Nice date from 900 000 B.C., others between 600 000 and 19 000 B.C. There are caves decorated with drawings of bison, penguins and horses. Provence was colonised by Greeks, Phocaeans, Celts, Gauls and Romans. The Holy Roman Empire dominated until the 13th century with a legacy of exquisite abbeys. This input from a variety of cultures has imparted a rich mix of ancient buildings and art.

The 17th century farming and industry (tanning, pottery and ship building) led to late 18th and 19th century prosperity, when Marseilles and Toulon gained grand opera houses and boulevards. The Cannes Film was launched in September 1939, only to be cancelled after the opening night due to the outbreak of the Second World Ward. The Film Festival resumed in 1947 and is now important date on the calendar for the global film industry. The Avignon Theatre Festival was created in 1946, offering performances in venues as diverse as palace courtyards and in the street.

The painters of Provence make for an impressive role call: Paul Czanne, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Bonnard and Claude Monet all hail from here. A highlight of a Provence trip would certainly be the wooden ceiling of Frejus Cathedral, with amazing paintings including a demon with the tail of a snake and images depicting scenes from the Bible.

Food and drink are also great Provence attractions. Seafood (rouget or loup fish is grilled over grapevine charcoal. Bouillabaisse is a tasty fish soup. Escabeche are marinated sardines poached or fried. When accompanied with some local ros wines from Bandol and Cassis grapes or a traditional anise liqueur Pastis, you’ll be in French gourmet heaven.

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Facts About Skiing in France

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France is one of the foremost countries in Europe, if not the world, to come on a skiing holiday. France has over 40 fully equipped ski resorts, some of which are open all year round.

The mountainous geography of France means there are six separate mountain ranges in France where you can go for a skiing holiday. Ski resorts in France can be seen in the French Alps, the Jura Mountains, The Vosges Mountains, the mountains of the Massif Central and even on the peaks of Corsica.

Skiing season in France varies slightly depending on where you intend to take your skiing holiday and also general weather conditions. Snow conditions at a lot of resorts tend to vary from year to year.

However, it’s safe to say that generally the best skiing conditions in France can be found in January and February. However, these months, especially February, are also when the ski resorts are most crowded, mainly due to the school holidays in France.

December to April is the favourable period for skiing in the ski resorts of France but then the selection has to be made keeping in mind the snow residue on the surface and this depends on the height of the resort selected.

Downhill skiing in France is much more sought-after than cross country skiing; however, it is also more costly. Although prices differ between ski resorts in France, if you intend on a downhill skiing holiday you have to consider equipment rental, lift passes, accommodation in crowded resorts and aprs ski activities.

Cross country skiing is much cheaper when compared to downhill skiing. There are some great cross country skiing stretches across France.

High altitude cross country skiing does not offer more amusement than the one done in the valleys.

Les Grande Bornand and La Clusaz near Annecy where there is 200km long ski trail provide the best cross country skiing. Jura range and Metabief provide cross country skiing trails too.

The Food of Provence is is perhaps the most popular of different French cooking styles. In order to know how to experience this lovely food while on a French skiing holiday follow the preceding links.

Discover The Paris Fashion

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No one is new to the fact that a mere thought about Paris brings fashion, music and style to one’s mind. Paris is renowned as the epicenter of art, culture and fashion in the whole world. Paris houses the world’s most creative fashion designers, it is home to the world’s most celebrated works of art like the Mona Lisa and lastly, Paris is the birthplace of the latest fashions which in no time get adopted in all parts of the world.

Paris was the place where Coco Chanel, the pioneer of French fashion designing, established her fashion empire. Had it not been for her influence, the modern fashion industry in Paris would never have reached its current glory and splendor. It was her innovation in the earlier parts of the twentieth century that helped shape the modern fashion industry.

Paris has a history in arts and culture, and it is due to the inextinguishable thirst for style, luxury and glamour by the residents of this great city that has played a pivotal role in giving Paris international recognition as the home of culture and fine arts. It is hardly a coincidence that the most revered art works created by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and many more are present in Paris. Over the years Paris has proved itself as a worthy host to such lucrative gems of art.

Let it be the most enchanting fragrances, the most scintillating jewelry, the most desired hand-tailored attire or glittering accessories and sunglasses, Paris is what the whole world turns to when they look for trendsetters. As models march across the famous ramps of the Parisian fashion shows, the world carefully documents each and every moment of the fashion trends that would leave their impressions across the globe.

Paris is a symbol of prestige among the fashion circles around the world. Fashion designers assign great importance to exhibiting their work in Paris, and this almost holds the value of a rite of passage to greatness in the field. There is hardly a fashion giant who does not have a presence in Paris, or have not exhibited their work in the city. This fact alone is the testament to the place of Paris in the world of fashion.

If you are familiar with the famous fashion term Haute Couture, you would not be surprised to learn that it has also originated from Paris, as it is the home for Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, the legal owners of the term. Fashion companies that have registered with the Chambre are given the privilege to use this term alongside their labels. It is a prerequisite to be an enlisted company in Paris that a fashion boutique by such a company must be up and running in Paris.

Prestigious French designer brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and foreign brands like Giorgio Armani and Valentino are the listed members with a mandatory presence in Paris. This means that of all the fashion centers around the world, you will find the most important designers in their best representation in Paris. This hardly leaves any doubt why Paris and fashion are almost synonymous.

Paris does not only involves all the media hype that constantly surrounds the fashion industry, but also offer academic activities for people who are into the nuts and bolts of fashion. You can find institutions for studying fashion in the city as well, where young designers aspire to become one of the top names of the Paris fashion scene. Simply being there is a thrilling experience for the most of them among others.

Paris is the host to one of the most celebrated and prestigious fashion events on the face of the planet, the Paris Fashion Week. The event is held marking the new fashion season, where supermodels march across the ramp to show off the most important fashion collections in the whole world. The Fashion Week features top collections from designer labels such as John Paul Gautier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton.

The fact of the matter is that whenever there is talk about fashion, people can never fail to mention the great city of Paris, as Paris is known because of its fashion and the two can never be separated from one another. Fashion is among many other things that make this great city so great, and as Paris continues to captivate the world with the latest fashion trends, this city will always remain the center of fashion and style in the world.

To find out more about fashion forum in Paris – visit the Paris Expats Forum, where you can meet interesting Parisians and discover about Paris fashion issues.

Points Of Interest – Paris

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The City of Lights, as Paris is known, is Western Europe’s second leading city. There should be no problems finding sights to see when you visit Paris, because it is home to many activities and attractions that are suited to all kinds of tourists. Whether you seek entertainment, shopping, dining, or history and culture, Paris is sure to give you a full agenda of things to do. [youtube:_8K4qPJ9q4o;[link:Travel guide Paris];]

Landmarks and Famous Must-Sees

When you land in Paris, the first thing that you think of is the Eiffel Tower. This magnificent structure rises more than 300 meters over the city and can be seen from all around. This is one stop that you must include.

The Louvre is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Paris and have never been previously. This art museum is one of the most famous in the world, and contains more than 300,000 works of art by famous artists throughout the centuries of history.

Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe are two more famous attractions that you should certainly visit in Paris. The Notre Dame cathedral is marveled by many travelers, and is not just for the Catholics who visit the city. The Arc was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806, and is a remarkable work of art all its own.

Cuisine and Shopping

There is ample of enjoyment to be found in Paris, and shopping is no exception. This fashion-minded city has a great range of boutiques, specialty shops, department stores, and more.

There is something for just about everyone to enjoy when shopping in Paris, whether you are looking for local fashions or tourist shops. The multi-cultural environment of Paris makes it a great destination for shopping and culture.

While shopping, you’ll also come across some world-renowned dining choices throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a quaint cafe with sidewalk tables like you see in the movies, or a full service 5-star restaurant, the most romantic city in the world also has some great choices for dining.

Other Activities in Paris

There is lots to see and do when you go to Paris that even multiple vacations might not cover it all. You will need to prioritize to ensure that you see what you want to see.

While Paris was once known as the romantic city in Europe that was perfect for couples and romantic getaways, it has changed much over the years. Now, this bustling cultural city is a great destination for families and travelers of all kinds, not just those with romantic intentions.

While Paris was in the past known as the romantic city that catered to couples, it is quickly growing and changing to offer a variety of family-friendly activities that every tourist can enjoy.

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