The Summer Capital, Siofok of Lake Balaton

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Siofok is a well known vacation spot in Hungary. A lot of people probably have heard of the biggest sweet water lake called Lake Balaton. It is a popular holiday resort for families with children, singles or couples, young or old. The water is shallow and warm and there are no high speed boats along the lake. No one has to be afraid of accidents while swimming.

The lake itself is divided into two parts: the north shore and the south shore. The latter is the shallow one. On its shore you can find Siofok which is often refered to as the summer capital of Hungary as its population is 3-4 times bigger at this time of the year and is flooded with tourist.

Siofok has 15 km of coastline along the lake and it is a medium sizes town about 110 km away from Budapest which is the capital of the country. The two cities are connected by a well-maintained highway and railroad. The city has a population of 25000 inhabitants.

Owing to its size Siofok consists of some parts: a city center area and the suburbs: Kiliti, Toreki, Szabadifurdo, Sosto, Szeplak-Also and Felso.

Some of which are along the coast and some of which lie some kilometers away the lake shore making them silent during the noisy summer season.

The spring, summer and fall are the seasons to visit the town. Festivals such as the spring festival, Sio channel festival make spring interesting, but colourful events make summer exciting to those interested in culture: Stephanie festival, the Feast of Bread and Wine in August, not to mention the countrywide popular Eggfestival in October which is the most popular event of all with Guinness recording breaking each year.

Besides events a lot of people come for doing absolutely nothing except for relaxing, eating and simpy having fun. The city offers them all. Hundreds of restaurants, buffets, bars and discos can be found everywhere you go.

Siofok has very good accommodation possibilities so you can enjoy a cheap holiday in apartments, rooms at private houses and self-catering holiday homes or spend some unforgettable luxury vacation in one of the many four-star hotels of the town or family hotels.

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Visiting Hungary! Nice

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Located at Sena of Europe, Hungary is a country mesmeric. Nevertheless, it is in the form of a network, the more it is supposed to be the heart of the lively European construction. Capital is the country in the world celebrated for its unique charm. Vibrant Vista Hungary is entirely obvious. Travel in Hungary is supposed to be one of the most rewarded.

Its lush land, delicious food, the cultural prosperity and impeccable hospitality appello of thousands of bulls each year for all the currencies of the world. The country is the best mix of the Great God of human labor, with more to typing seeing people come to the fair experience of the service impeccable Hungary hotels. Countries around Hungary, have a normal old fund, more Hunger is a merger of two ancient and modern.

It is like stopping consider bum. The country has beautiful and wonderfully restore cities like magic people.

There is a wider and it is the Lipizzaner Stud last DEMEURE layer replicate in the Northeast-west Europe. According the archaeological center of the world, Hungary plays a crucial role in the identification of pre-history of the growth of Homo sapience southern shore, a crane million as ten years has been found. Its normal temperature ranges of 20degree Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius all year. Summer seasons in Hungary are generally somewhat warmer winter is quite cold and windy. All times in the country is beautiful and striking.

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Hungary Tourism offers a full range of pleasure. Appello the country to a walk on the green scene of numerous sites of serenity and you will make a little fair dispatch. If you want to profit the most from the heat of the country in any good hotel check in Hungary. These hotels not only offer impeccable service, but you also trying Delecta the Kitchen with all the countries of the elegance and grandeur. Hotels in Hungary are well designed and whose beautiful interior, which record the Royal elegance of the country.

Perspective Avenue for more of the beautiful European nation, the Fund of its peoples are mesmeric wealth Folk Art Museum in the range. Valentia its monuments have to be quiet, while the lakes are completely captivating gaze. Make a grip on the popular art and Cher Hungarian advantage of the vibrancy of the country’s fascination distance.

Last in Hungary is not difficult to man, because the country is disserve pair of large multinational and foreign companies. Budapest Ferihegy Airport and the airport of Debrecen are the two international airlines in the country. You can also opt for ocean trip to come in Hungary, the Tisza River is navigable for over Hungary. Enjoy the temptation to stop located in Central Europe. A visit to Hungary will be more than beautiful.