The nuclear disaster at Fukushima

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The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan was already enough of a disaster with the death toll still rising and the huge scale damage which occurred. A new problem was uncovered in the aftermath though with the Fukushima nuclear power plant which was affected hugely by the flooding from the tsunami. A wide scale evacuation was needed for the safety of the local people due to the unstable situation at the nuclear plant.

The flooding caused by the tsunami damaged the Daiichi reactors and interrupted their cooling. The affected components led to radioactivity being released and the site being rendered unstable and possibly damaging to people in the local area. The US embassy recommended that a 50 mile area be evacuated however the Japanese government saw it only necessary to evacuate and create a 19 mile evacuation zone.

Originally around 70,000 people were evacuated but whilst people were advised not to enter the area, it wasn’t imposed by law. However now by law nobody must enter into a 12.5 mile zone surrounding the nuclear plant and the original evacuation zone of 19 miles still stands too. Some people were still returning home to check on their homes and to collect possessions despite the area being evacuated but this will no longer be an option.

Despite it being evacuated a number of families had decided to stay in the zone and so the military were still screening the area. The originally set perimeter was widened by ten kilometres and residents in the widened area were told to stay indoors as much as possible. People entering the zone could face a possible punishment of up to 30 days detention and a 730 fine.

The evacuees have been forced to stay in gyms and sports halls whilst they wait for the area to be declared safe once again. It is believed the people who have had to evacuate will be entitled to compensation for the disruption to their lives, however it is not certain where the compensation will come from.

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Japan’s energy future

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In the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and the nuclear disaster that ensued, the way in which Japan generates its electricity has come firmly back under the spotlight. As part of its response to the recent national catastrophe, the Japanese Environment Ministry now intends to recommend pushing forwards with wind power and other natural energy sources.

Prompted by these recent catastrophic events, the Japanese Environment Ministry has published a report that explores whether current energy generation arrangements make sense when compared with energy sources such as wind and solar. Published on 21st April 2011, the report outlined how the amount of electricity that could be generated from wind power was equal to that currently produced by 40 of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors. Even if wind turbines aren’t always operational, or are subject to technical or land-use restrictions, they can still rival the energy output currently offered by nuclear, according to the ministry’s data.

The report also took the implications of the feed-in tariff system and other new policies that promote renewable energy into account, and based its projections on an assumed 24% utilisation rate. It concluded that wind power could generate between 24 million and 140 million kilowatts of energy. Whilst there are some practical issues associated with wind power, it could still deliver a surplus of electricity in certain regions. At the moment, however, it looks like implementing wind power generation on a large scale remains a logistically unappealing proposition.

The ministry also looked at the potential of solar power generation and small-scale hydroelectricity operations, but found that these energy sources weren’t able to supply the amount of power Japan needs.

At this stage, it’s too early to determine exactly what impact the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had on the environment and on the population, but if the evidence points to wide-ranging negative effects, this may well give additional momentum to those parties that support renewable energy projects and help motivate Japan and other countries to pursue a more sustainable programme of energy solutions.

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Japanese Central Bank Preparing to Create Heavy Liquidity

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In order to deal with post-earthquake related problems in the country, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) may increase the amount of cash in the calamity-hit country’s banking system. However it will leave untouched its asset-purchase policy, so that long run damage to the Asian powerhouse’s economy could be estimated.

While speaking to the media yesterday, Governor Masaaki Shirakawa announced that they are all set to infuse heavy liquidity in Japan, in order to ensure that the country is able to recover quickly in this time of crisis. According to some economists, the bank would keep the long term credit scenarios intact at the $428 billion mark. Primary interest rate of Bank of Japan has already been cut down to almost zero percent, in a move which was taken to drive deflationary pressures out of the country.

Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co’s chief Japan economist Takehiro Sato foretold that there would be no change in the monetary policy, but that the Bank of Japan will inject enough cash flow into the system. Sato also believes temporary lending institutions could be created in the northern area of Tohoku, to help ease earthquake-provoked financial

It is still quite difficult to get an accurate estimate of the loss sustained in Japan by the recent earthquake, since much depends on the time it will take to just get Japan’s industries back up and running at full speed. According to analysts, the central bank is looking to supply liquidity into the banking system so that its financial institutions could settle the immediate withdrawal requests of customers who bank with them.

According to Masaaki Kanno, JPMorgan Chase & Co’s chief Japan economist, Shirakawa and company could choose to speed up the asset purchasing procedure, which includes state-issued bonds and exchange-traded funds, without creating an emergency program, especially in such case the stock markets fall and the local currency appreciates.

Yen climbed up 0.5% to 81.45/$, which means that since the March 11 quake, it has ascended to nearly 2%, and there’s a good chance that the Japanese investors would send their assets back home.

Mansoor Mohi-uddin, UBS AG’s head of global currency strategy in Singapore stated that the Japanese government may command the Bank of Japan to dump the local currency in bulk, if its value starts to inflate.

Within 14 minutes of the first quake, the Nikkei 225 Stock Average had gone down by 1.7%.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan is currently developing a fiscal program to assist with the potential economic and financial crisis. According to Fiscal Policy Minister Kaoru Yosano, discretionary funds of 1.3 trillion yen are still left in this year’s budget, which could be used to assist with the current situation.

Yosano said that the March 11 quake was greater in intensity and the area is affected than the 1995’s Kobe earthquake, therefore, the economic shock will also likely be greater than the 20 trillion yen loss that was suffered back then.

So far the Bank of Japan has advanced 55 billion yen to Japanese financial institutions who’ve meet the requirements for assisting the Japanese people.

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How To Buy A Real Asian Doll For A Good Price

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Buying dolls for children has always been a very nice children to do as they really really like playing with them. It seems to be obvious that girls are the ones who like playing with these items but the reality is that there are plenty of boys who also enjoy such dolls. The ideas in this article and in the paragraphs further down will help those desperate parents who do not really know how they could buy a real Asian doll for a good price.

The primary issue to understand is that whether you are buying dolls as a plaything for young children or as collector’s items that will increase in value over time, it’s necessary to do some homework before making our purchase. A good person to consult is someone who is a doll collector himself and is passionate about the subject. Everyone loves to share advice, and if you have a seasoned doll collector in your family, this is the person you should talk to.

After that the person has to make the hard decision whether he wants to buy his dolls on the world wide web or in a real life shop. The problem with dolls from this particular continent is that one can hardly find any in European or American shops. Hence, ordering from Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. Websites is often the easiest thing to do.

The downside of ordering from the internet is the cost of packaging and transport. As this continent is really far away one should expect quite high fees for shipping. However, these costs can be reduced if one chooses transport by ship rather than transport by plane. One should not forget that although this will mean lower costs it will also mean that the item will only arrive a couple of weeks later.

When dealing with a foreign company on the World Wide Web, the advice “caveat emptor” definitely applies. Make certain you understand the company’s return policies, and check out the company thoroughly. More reputable manufacturers in Asia, particularly Japan, operate on a strict code of honor; however, others that are outsourced sweatshops for American-based companies may not be so reliable.

Alternatively, you might go to a brick and mortar store in your own community. However, even though most consumer products are made in China these days, you’re not likely to find any Asian dolls unless you visit an ethnic shop in a larger city’s Asian communities. If you go to one of these located in a Chinatown or other predominantly Asian community, you’re likely to get excellent advice from knowledgeable people.

Finally, make certain that whatever you buy comes backed by a warranty. Unfortunately, craftsmanship is not what it once was, and there are too many cheap “knock-offs” on the market that are not durable. A warranty will protect you in this case, allowing you to get a refund.

If you have read these paragraphs carefully, you should find it little problem to find the proper Asian doll at the right price.

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What you Can Discover About Asian Dolls

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If you’re looking for Asian dolls, you want to know two things: where you can buy them and what you should expect from your purchase. There is no shortage of sellers both on the World Wide Web and in your own community who deal in these kinds of dolls. Knowing where to go is your first step – learning to recognize quality is the next. And, with all the variety out there, it may be hard to choose!

Most dolls will range in price, with some going from just a few dollars to reaching a few hundred dollars. The price may reflect the doll’s size, it’s brand and the quality that gets put into it. A good quality doll will last a long time and may get passed down from one generation to another. Some products are not to play with, but are just for display.

These items could come on a stand. The stand is used to prop up the product on a shelf or dresser. The hands and face may be made from a breakable glass and may be fragile to touch and move around. Display items can be a nice touch to any room. They can also be fun to collect and keep for many years.

These days, Asian dolls are quite popular. Such dolls may have Asian costumes, such as kimonos, or even uniforms or ritual garb. Such clothing is usually brightly colors, and may be just what you’re looking for.

These items make great gifts for any small child. Items can be given out as display models or given as play toys. The material of the toy may reflect its use. While a display model may have a fragile body with religious clothing and uniform, there are other products where the body is floppy and the material made out of child friendly substances.

Dolls intended to be used as children’s playthings can also include traditional costumes and accessories. These however will be me made from less expensive materials that are more durable, so as withstand children’s play. Kids can still dress them up and use them as they would any other toy.

Asian dolls can be obtained over the Internet or in specialty shops located in Asian neighborhoods in your city. They can be difficult to locate in major retail outlets, though some research can be helpful in this regard. The World Wide Web is usually the best location for shopping for such items.

You will find Asian dolls on the Internet, where you can order them for prompt delivery. They are excellent gifts and will become treasured keepsakes. With a wide range of products and varying features, there will be some that are kept in a toy chest, while others will be carefully displayed on a shelf for viewing pleasure. You’ll find many places to display these fine collectibles. Such collector dolls can also be an excellent investment that will appreciate in value as time goes by.

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