Orlando Magic NBA Season Preview

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What’s great about being a fan of any sports team is basically sharing the experiences that the entire organization goes through season by season. Obviously you do not talk to the GM’s, owners, or players on a regular basis or even discuss your opinions and thoughts with them at all. But throughout the entire season and playoffs (if your team is fortunate enough to make it there) you get a feeling of attachment as if you were just another player on the roster, conversing your ideas with the team.

When things go well you shout stuff like, “That is why I love this team, there is no organization better than us.” And when things go wrong you scream and yell things like, “Wow, how can they be so stupid?…If I was the coach that would have never happened!” But nevertheless, you support your team through thick and thin to the fullest.

As a fan of the Orlando Magic, last season was one of the best ones in recent memory. Having been discounted by the NBA world as a team with a good record that wouldn’t make it past Cleveland or Boston, many felt that the Magic simply couldn’t compete at the level of these teams.

Once they miraculously succeeded past the Celtics in seven games, they were once again the underdogs against the Cleveland Cavaliers who not only had the full support from their fans (since they owned the best NBA season record) but literally each and every NBA analyst on ESPN. (Click here and go to the middle right if you do not believe me, 10 experts chose Cleveland to win). Defying all odds, Orlando headed to the NBA Finals for the second time in their 20 years existence. They obviously had the patronage of their fans behind them, but once again, absolutely no love from the media. After losing in five games, the Magic went into the off-season with their heads up and their confidence at an all time high.

Aside from the momentum that any NBA finals run brings, Orlando has bolstered its roster tremendously during the off-season. Vince Carter is one of the top players in the league, and the threesome of Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Vince Carter will undoubtedly be one of the strongest in the NBA. Building around them, the team has made some nice moves, with the addition of Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson, and Brandon Bass, all of whom are capable of building around these All-Stars and strengthening the team all around. Rashard Lewis will sit out the first three weeks of the season due to a substance abuse violation, but the team remains strong as ever nonetheless.

Many might see this as a major problem, but all is calm in Orlando. The team will be just fine without him.

The Magic will use Lewis’s absence to experiment with its roster, seeing who fits where. With many potential pieces to the puzzle, players like Barnes, Pietrus, Anderson, Bass, Redick, and Gortat all have opportunities to establish their roles and familiarize themselves with the new Magic team. Ten games won’t make or break a season, so the Magic will make the most of their time without Lewis.

The fact that the loss of the team’s second most valuable player (and an All-Star) won’t have much of a perceived impact on the team’s performance says it all about the state of Orlando basketball. This should be another one of those up years for the team’s fans.

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Florida Snakes

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The Florida snakes, together with the turtles, lizards, alligators and other reptiles are all part of a complicated wildlife structure that plays an incredible role in the maintenance of Florida’s ecosystem. There are many species of Florida snakes. There are forty-four species living in an incredibly varied habitat, ranging from salt marshes and fresh water marshes to dry uplands and coastal mangrove swamps to residential areas.

Only six Florida snakes are poisonous, and they happily live with their non-poisonous cousins, even venturing into towns and cities too. The best way to stay out of trouble with snakes is to care enough to learn about their morphology and therefore become able to distinguish between these Florida snakes. Avoidance is the wisest approach a human being can adopt in relation to snakes.

The Coral snake and pit vipers are the most dangerous Florida snakes. They can be identified by a wide range of characteristics. Pit vipers include the Rattlesnake, the Cottonmouth and the Copperhead. They all have vertical eye pupils, a v-shaped head and facial pits: one between the eyes and nostrils and the others on each side of the head.

The poison of this type of Florida snakes is haemotoxic, which means that their venom attacks the red blood cells, destroying the walls of the blood vessels and causing uncontrolled bleeding. Coral snakes however, use neurotoxic venom, with the toxins in the poison acting on the body’s nerves causing paralysis.

Most of the snake bites reported every year in the United States are attacks by Florida snakes or by rattlesnakes to be precise. Because their venom spreads quickly through the body, the victim will almost certainly die within thirty minutes without the immediate injection of anti-venom.

A big exception in this group of Florida snakes is the copperheads, the venom of which rarely requires an antidote. Their toxins are the least potent and so they are considered t be the least dangerous of the poisonous Florida snakes.

Because of the threat they pose. poisonous snakes are the first kind to attract attention, however the most widespread of Florida snakes is the black racer, a non-toxic species that relies on very sharp fangs to capture its prey.

Although the usual tendency of home owners is to remove snakes from their properties, specialists point out that, without them, rodents would breed out of control giving us even more cause for alarm.

So, unless there are any special causes for worrying, like snakes breeding in great numbers in your garden or outhouses, there is no real reason why you should interfere with the lives of these usually shy, useful animals.

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The Five Best Florida Marlins Pitchers in Franchise History

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As an expansion team founded in 1993, the Florida Marlins are probably most known for training extremely talented players, only to trade them away for more prospects. It’s a continuous cycle that is caused by a lack of revenue. Unfortunately, the Marlins simply can’t get people to go to their game. Try going to a Marlins-Nationals game during the week; it’s actually quite pathetic how few fans go to support their team. Because of this (and because the owner is kinda cheap), the Marlins are always last in payroll, or at least close to it. So, when their players get too good, they trade them.

Despite this lowball strategy, the Marlins have two World Series since their debut as a franchise in 1993. This is considered very successful by all means, as many larger budget teams (i.e. the Mets, the Dodgers, etc.) haven’t won a single World Series in the same period. Marlins pitching has been largely responsible for these championships, and we’re now going to look at the top 5 pitchers in Florida Marlins history.

5. Carl Pavano – You gotta love it when a guy who plays on a team for only two seasons can be considered one of the top pitchers in their team’s history. That’s right, Pavano played with the Marlins during the 2003-2004 seasons before bolting for a big contract with the Yankees. Unfortunately for the Yankees, he’s turned out to be a major bust, but his best season by far came just before he left. A career .500 pitcher with an ERA nearing 4.50, Pavano had an extremely good season in 2004, in which he went 18-8 with an ERA of 3.00 and a WHIP of 1.17. He also happened to hit 2 HR’s that year, if that means anything. Pavano finished his stint with the Marlins with a 33-23 record and a 3.64 ERA, which is good for 5th on the Marlins best pitchers of all-time.

4. AJ Burnett – Another current New York Yankee, Burnett spent the first 7 years of his career in a Marlins uniform. While Burnett has achieved great success in recent years and is considered one of the better pitchers in baseball, injuries somewhat held Burnett back in Florida and his all-time record with the team was 49-50. 2002 was a noteworthy year for the young pitcher, who threw 203 strikeouts, along with a 12-9 record and a 3.30 ERA.

3. Kevin Brown – Kevin Brown had two of the best pitching season in Florida Marlins history. While he only spent two short years in a Marlins uniform, any fans of the team will certainly remember how valuable his contributions were to the franchise. Take his first season as a Marlin, for example. A 1.89 ERA and a 0.94 WHIP happen so rarely in baseball that they’re usually paired with a Cy Young award. Brown most definitely had a dominant reign as a Marlin during his two short years spent with the team.

2. Josh Beckett – Now a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox and an All-Star a few times over, Beckett is most well known for his heroics as a Marlin during the 2003 World Series against the Yankees. During the 2003 playoffs, Beckett had an incredible 2.11 ERA, and is largely responsible for the Florida World Series win that season. As a Marlin, Beckett averaged nearly a strikeout per inning, fanning 607 batters in 609 innings pitched, and allowing just 529 hits during his time with the team, well below one per inning.

1. Dontrelle Willis – Geez, what’s happened to Dontrelle? Ever since he left the Marlins, he’s been terrible. But for purposes of this list, he’s the #1 pitcher in Florida Marlins history. His longevity (he’s made 162 starts, 31 more than the next closest), and his personality have made him a fan favorite down here in Miami. Dontrelle finished his career with the Marlins with a 68-54 record (more wins than anybody in franchise history) and a 3.78 ERA. But Willis will be remembered for his one truly dominant year in which he finished as the runner-up for the NL Cy Young Award behind Chris Carpenter. That year, Willis finished 22-10 with a 2.63 ERA. Not to mention, Dontrelle was the best hitting pitcher in franchise history. In fact, there were times when he’d be used as a pinch hitter. Now that’s embarrassing. But he finished his career with a .233 BA and 8 HR’s.

Keep an eye on…Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson. Johnson has been one of the most underrated pitchers in baseball and is truly dominating, and Nolasco has returned to last year’s form. Heck if they each stay one more season, they’d probably knock off Pavano for the #5 spot.

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Finding A Cheap Rental Car Fl

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Try inquiring whether you can exchange your frequent flyer miles for auto rental miles. If this is possible it is a neat way to use your frequent flyer miles before they expire. So saves you another hunk of money on automobile rentals. It is generally recognized that the more in advance you book your vehicle, more is the discount you get on the same. So try and book far ahead especially if there are holidays coming up and that’s when the rates are at its top. You can always try the packages deals and other offers available. In case you want to travel with a gigantic group of people you can opt for packages that are pretty cost-effective than the ordinary deals on rental automobiles. Often these packages include air fare and hotel stay costs so bringing about discount on all of the three aspects and if these are the things you intend to do you can always take these all-in-one packages into account. Also if you are counting on to use the automobile for at least five days then you may want to consider the weekly rates from vehicle rentals. Eventually, rather than picking up your rental at the airport you need to pick it up at the store, this curbs the nonessential airport surcharges.

Online booking for car rentals is step 1 to go about attaining not so burning-a-hole-in-the-pocket rates. Almost all major car rental enterprises have launched their internet sites and do flourishing business online as well . Some sites offer discounts for bookings done thru the Net. You want to test for such discounts that would prove to be very lucrative for you. It barely takes a little time to go through the various refunds offered by assorted vehicle rental sites, compare them and therefore save a large amount of cash.

Online booking for auto rentals is step one to go about attaining not so burning-a-hole-in-the-pocket rates. Nearly all major automobile rental companies have launched their internet sites and do successful business online as well . Some sites offer discounts for bookings done through the Net. You need to test for such rebates that would prove to be highly lucrative for you. It barely takes some time to go through the assorted discounts offered by assorted car rental sites, check them and consequently save a large amount of money.

In today’s world where the buyer of commercial products is afflicted with inflation there is actually no real way out of this. All of the products’ prices in the market are reaching a record high. Moreover, it is a long task to find cheaper alternate choices to everything. This also is true in case of vehicle rentals. It is tough to call anything a cheap automobile rental with the steep rise in gas costs the price of living has become an exorbitant affair. Travelers may need rental autos for both business and pleasure and it’s a booming industry irrespective of what the market status is. However , if you do want to make renting a car as economical as possible read on to understand certain techniques of taking cheap vehicle rental deals.

taking car rental rates at really low prices can be hard. It depends on your decision the majority of the times that may help you to save plenty of money. With inflation at its peak it doesn’t actually hurt to spend some special time in assessing the right car rental offer for yourself that may not scorch a hole in your wallet. So so as to make this task simple for you we have developed certain techniques and suggests that may steer you through making the right vehicle rental choice and afterwards save plenty of money in the bargain .

If you wait until the last few days to rent a car possibilities are that you may not find yourself the hottest deal, instead if you start to look a few weeks before your travel date you have enough time to comprehensively research all your options and acquire the best rates. It allots you sufficient of time for comparison study of the various rates available in the market. The Net is the perfect center for you to spend some quality time in your researching activities for the best car rental rates in the town. Besides, some automobile rental web sites offer special rebates when the booking is done through them online . Also comparing the active rates online is simply a click away.

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What You Should Know Concerning Wedding Musicians

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What you should know about Wedding musicians depends on the type of wedding you are planning. In addition, you will need to decide if you want the musicians for the ceremony, the reception or for both. Once you have an idea of these variables, you will be set to choose the musicians.

The most traditional weddings use a piano or organ for playing the Wedding March as well as the recessional. Someone may sing during the ceremony and the person is generally accompanied by the instrument.

For less formal settings, the music may actually just be a recording or provided using another instrument. In some of these type services, there may not be any music used at all or the couple may choose a non-traditional music for the processional and recessional.

Many couples choose a band for the reception. The band can provide dance music for the entertainment of the guests. You will want to determine the length of the reception before contracting with the band.

Instead of live musicians, many couples today choose a DJ to provide the music for the service and or the reception. Mobile DJs often have access to all the sound equipment needed for either an indoor or outdoor wedding and play a large variety of music. This helps to meet everyone’s tastes.

The best way to choose a musician or a DJ for your wedding is to hear them live and in person. If you do not have a chance to hear the band beforehand, you should as friends for referrals. In addition, ask the group or person for references. Check with the references to see if they recommend the musicians. You do not want a bad musician to mess up your special day.

Wedding musicians can help to set the mood and atmosphere for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Choosing the correct musicians is a very important part of your wedding plans.

When you are planning a stunning Caribbean wedding, make the your day complete with fabulous wedding musicians! When the steel drum band introduces you as a couple for the first time, a lasting memory will be made even more special!

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