Recommended Tours in Amsterdam

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There are a lot of tour operators who offer Amsterdam Tours. But which one is better than his competitor? How do you choose between all these operators. The Amsterdam Tours can be divided in area of interests. Do you like a walking tours, bike tours, canal cruises or museums. I’ll give you a selection of some great Amsterdam Tours.

Walking Tours in Amsterdam

Personally, I prefer walking, before cycling. But hey, that’s just me. But if you are just a bit like me, take a walking tour across Amsterdam. You’ll see lots of great things and in a slow tempo. And if you’re a bit adventurous take the Night Walking Tour of Amsterdam! A tour through Dark Amsterdam can be rather illuminating because of the visit to the famous Red Light District. Which is probably the most interesting part of the tour. If you’re thinking that this is slightly dangerous, I can assure you: it’s not. You’re accompanied by a very trustworthy guide.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Bike Tours in Amsterdam

If you’re more fond of cycling then I would like to recommend the Orange Bike & Boat Tour. This tour combines all three highlights of Amsterdam, buildings, canals and art, in one package! Your tour starts with a self guided bike tour through the Jordaan, Amsterdam canal cruise and Van Gogh Museum. Get ready to get on your bicycle all day and take a lovely tour through Amsterdam. By the way: your ticket to the Van Gogh museum can also be used on another day of your stay.

Duration: all day from 09:00 till 18:00.

Oh yeah, you don’t need to bring your own bike. They’ve got one you can loan, but you’ll have to return it before 18.00h.

Floating Dinner Tours in Amsterdam

A nice way of exploring Amsterdam by night is a dinner cruise. It’s lovely to sail through the illuminated canals of Amsterdam, while drinks are served aboard. And after an hour or so, you’ll board near a good restaurant, for a starter. Then you’ll set off to sail again, to see more of Amsterdam. Later on you’ll board again for the main course. Then off to sail again, and to have desert aboard. When you return it’s time to see Amsterdam’s famous nightlife. Maybe go to the Red Light District, which you remember from your night walking tour, the night before!

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Amsterdam Museum Tours

Well as I mentioned before, there are a lot of museums in Amsterdam, so take your pick. If you want to go the most popular museums, take a peak a Amsterdam museum tour. If the low profile museums attract to you, read my post: 10 Museums in Amsterdam others forget to tell you about.

Duration: as long as you like.

The most popular Amsterdam Tour Operators:

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