SpaceChem – Challenge: Going Green (5833/5/192)

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Recorded solution for “Challenge: Going Green” from SpaceChem, a design-based puzzle game from Zachtronics Industries. Download the demo at http://www.spacec…

NINJA GRANDMAS!! (11.08.09 – Day 192)

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OH NO! NINJA GRANDMA!!! More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:

Quarter Special: Osdorp

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A new post in the Quarter Special category. This time our spotlight quarter is Osdorp. In Holland Osdorp is known for the band Osdorp Posse, the first Dutch hiphop band. We also know Osdorp because there is a weather station located there. Furthermore in March of 2007 the quarter was named as ‘Probleemwijk’ (= Dutch for bad neighborhood) by the recently dismissed Secretary of Integration and Housing: Ella Vogelaar.

The history of Osdorp

The first signs of what would later be Osdorp date from around 1100. In 1529 the village was sold to Amsterdam by ‘Heer van Brederode’. It remained independant though. Since 1816 Osdorp was made part of the municipality Sloten. In 1921 Osdorp was officially an Amsterdam quarter.

Osdorp became one of the two first city parts of the municipality of Amsterdam per December 1st 1981; the other one was Amsterdam-Noord (North of Amsterdam).

In 2001 the goverment decided to upgrade Osdorp. A lot of houses were demolished and replaced. This caused a loss of originality in Osdorp.

What should you do in Osdorp

You should definitely go to the market ‘Markt Tussen Meer’ on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday from 09.00 p.m till 05.00 p.m. you can buy everything you need. From licorice to fruit, from fish to window curtains, you can buy it at here.
You can reach the market via:

  • tram line 1 en 17
  • bus line 19, 63 en 192
  • and by train: train station Lelylaan

Let me know what you think of it.