Xingu Vivo Para Sempre 1

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Sheyla Yakarepi Juruna apresenta a Carta dos Povos Indígenas contra a construção de Belo Monte no encerramento do Encontro Xingu Vivo Para Sempre Altamira/PA, 23 de maio de 2008 mais: exibe.php?id=1356 latin-america/amazon-basin/xingu-river Tenot%C3%A3-M%C3%B5.pdf English translation: We, peoples of the Xingu River, do not want to hear any more about this story of dams on the Xingu River. We do not want our fish and our animals dead, and our children going hungry. We want our forest to remain standing; we want our fishes alive, our game alive; we want our fields and we want to keep our traditional remedies. We need the river to be clean in order to take a bath, and to drink water without getting sick. For these reasons, we are saying once again that we do not want any dams on the Xingu River; we prohibit you from building any kind of dam on the river. The small dams built in the lands of the Xingu Park have already begun to change the river; it has begun to dry up. We want to live in peace; we do not want more aggression. Our rights must be respected. We want to stay on our lands, happy, celebrating with our children and grandchildren. We do not want to have to always be going to cities to continually defend our rights. Our rights must be respected. That´s all we have to say to you.

River Monsters Vampire Piranha

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Jeremy Wade goes deep in the amazon river to catch piranha

el amazonas noche the amazon by night

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sounds of the night jungle from leticia, colombia we hired a guy and his bro to take us up the amazon river in their hand-carved boat. it was a five day adventure meandering through the tropical rainforest – catching caymans, fishing for piranhas, swimming with pink dolphins, hammocking, hanging out with the locals, sifting through carbon and making rubber balls from rubber trees…and SO. MUCH. MORE. love the amazon. love it.

Ocelot – Tigrillo

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This is a video of an ocelot living in a lodge by the Amazon river in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Still feral.

Vivian Chow 周慧敏- Live Concert 1994 (8) – 自動自覺and 阿瑪遜河

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自動自覺(Automatic actions) 阿瑪遜河(Amazon River)

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