Beach Volleyball Olympic Training – Brazil

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International athletes training in Brazil for the China 2008 Olympic – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Atletas internacionais de volei de praia no Rio de Janeiro preparando para os Jogos Olímpicos de 2008 no China. 沙灘排球運動員的訓練在巴西2008年的里約熱內盧。


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The Third Millennium marked the inauguration of a unique train, the Tibet Qinghai Express that travels from China to Tibet. A railroad through the Himalayas on the ‘roof of the world’ and the highest railway line on earth leads through breathtaking landscapes from Peking to Lhasa. The journey lasts about 48 hours and includes two nights on the train. The journey begins on a road that, for much of the time, runs close to the railway line then travels across the high mountain passes of the Kulun Mountains at a height of nearly 5000 metres above sea level, is a remote high plateau that lies within an earthquake zone and often encounters severe snow storms. The train winds its way higher and higher from one high plateau to the next up to snow covered mountains and into the “Home of the Gods”. Along with the Great Wall of China and the Three Gorges Dam, the Tibet Railroad is one of China’s greatest structures. The trains travel at the highest speeds that are possible on permafrost, a hundred kilometres an hour and sometimes even up to a hundred and twenty! The Tibet Qinghai Express has already turned many dreams into reality and in future years, even more passengers will experience this magnificent and unique experience.

Friday Panel: China Going Green? (1/7)

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Introduction: Robert W. Gee*, President, The Gee Strategies Group Moderator: Joseph Kahn, China Bureau Chief, The New York Times Panlelists: Linda J. Fisher, Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont Ashok Gupta, Air and Energy Program Director, Natural Resources Defense Council Wan Ling Martello, Senior Vice President & CFO, Wal-Mart International


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Taiwan is a dynamic island in the South China Sea known for its unique ties to Chinese culture and customs. But Taiwan is very diverse, with over 13 native tribes and cultural influences as varied as Dutch, Spanish and Japanese. Taiwan’s history has left a unique imprint and created a very special island. Damon treks across Taiwan, from the bustling metropolis of Taipei to the rural areas in the East, spending time among the people and connecting with the cultural character of the country. He walks the landscapes and visits the communities, stopping to dance, meditate and practice yoga with everyone from business men to Buddhists. He finds himself welcomed in a land that takes great pride in their culture and a people who treasure their spirituality, honor their past and are working towards an enlightened future.

Health And Recovery With Herbs From The Amazon

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Herbs from south america and specifically the amazon rainforest are very medicinal and have many healing properties. I have personally benefited from using and taking herbs from south america in the amazon rainforest in my life. Many of these herbs are very nutrient dense and packed with many anti-oxidants and overall healing and recovery properties.

Many people of south america have amazing skin as well because they use herbs from the amazon rainforest both internally and on their skin. There are many herbs and in this article I am going ot share with you that will help you in your overall health and to build up immunity as well. One of the first herbs that I recommend you take which is very beneficial is graviola. Graviola is an herb that has cancer preventing properties.

Another herb that is amazing for leaky gut is sangre de drago because this herb acts and works to heal the skin and seal wounds. So if you have any scars on your skin externally or any internal bleeding I highly recommend taking and using sangre de drago. Another amazing and beneficial herb is called Camu Camu. Camu camu is the best source and highest potency of vitamin c found in the world. The company that I buy my amazon herbs from is amazing and they have several products with camu camu.

The herbs that I get are also organic as well. Organic herbs are much higher quality and much more effective because there aren’t pesticides and herbacides interfering with the herb and when it is organic it is much more effective and faster acting. I highly recommend you check out the website below and check out the products. Some general health products that really have great benfits are camu gold and zamu as well.

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To learn more click the link and visit the site below! Take care and have a great day!

David “The Skin” King

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