Going green: A little disruption can go a long way

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The ironic thing about building design is that it pays little attention to energy efficiency. We created a team of building physicists and, with their input,…

Growing Number of US Restaurants “Going Green”

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For a growing number of restaurants in the US, the certification that they are “green” does not necessarily mean a vegetarian menu. They are adopting environmentally-friendly practices. And that means more than simply using locally grown or organic foods but also an array of actions including energy efficiency, recycling and the use of biodegradeable products. As VOA’s June Soh reports, the restaurant owners find the green movement not only can help the environment but also help their business. Melinda Smith narrates.

Economic Benefits to Going Green? – DNC Panel Discussion

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Complete video at: fora.tv Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and SmartPower President Brian Keane argue that living in an environmentally friendly can be economically beneficial. This excerpt is taken from a panel discussion entitled “Environmentalism: What’s Next?” recorded at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, in collaboration with the New Republic. FORA.tv coverage of the DNC: for‚Äča.tv The New Republic on FORA.tv: fora.tv —– Panelists Brian F. Keane, Ted Nordhaus, Ben Nelson, and Carl Pope describe their efforts to make make “going green” easier, faster, and cheaper. They argue that the government shouldn’t make fossil fuels more expensive, but rather they should invest in making alternative sources cheaper and marketing them to consumers. Carl Pope is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, an American environmental organization founded by conservationist pioneer John Muir in 1892. Pope was appointed to his position as Executive Director in 1992, the club’s centennial. Brian F. Keane is President of SmartPower, a nationwide non-profit marketing organization dedicated to promoting clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Hailed as the “Got Milk” campaign for wind, solar and waterpower, SmartPower’s award winning marketing campaign has been credited with creating hundreds of GWh of clean, renewable energy across the nation.