Fishing in South Florida – “Little Amazon”

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Using red grapes for bait! What a blast!

Caribbean Vacations October

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caribbean vacations october
Tropical vacation in September/October, where should I go?

This is the only time I can travel this year and I want to go to a tropical location somewhere in the Caribbean or Central America. I don’t want it to be too expensive and I am trying to find a place that won’t get hit by a hurricane or have really rainy weather. Any suggestions?

Pour Me a Vacation – Caribbean Princess- NYC to San Juan October 2008

Caribbean Travel Miami

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caribbean travel miami
I am planning a caribbean cruise in January, which cruiseline is the best?

I am traveling with my best friend and we only have a 5 day window in which we can get the time off of work. We want to go on a cruise leaving from Miami but have never gone on a cruise. What sort of things should we know a head of time? Is it better to have an oceanside room or interior? Is January a good time to go on a cruise?
I have been looking at fares on and, are those good places to look?

Please make a decision and book your cruise as soon as possible. These cruises fill up fast and are usually booked a year in advance. Prices for cruises during Jan and Feb.will be higher than usual too.

Then find a very good travel agent to put all your cruise plans together – there are a lot of details to handle with any cruise to make sure its perfect. How do you know if you have a good agent? If you give them you’re info and they don’t ask you any questions before making recommendations say “thank you” and keep looking. You want someone who will take very good care of you and handle the details for you. You might want to look for an agent affilliated with Virtuoso. ( Ask if they are and ask them to explain what this affiliation will mean for you.

Give the agent your options of where you’d like to go, your travel budget, and what you’d like to get out of the cruise (interested in history, music, food & wine, relaxing in the sun, etc) then ask for suggestions. If the price is too high, and you like an itinerary, try asking for a cruise with fewer days.

For your first cruise, I’d make these cruise line recommendations:
1. Princess Celebrity or Holland-America- Premium cruise lines. All these provide nice accommodations, great food, good service and nice itineraries)

2. Royal Caribbean – Mass market cruise line – my favorite in this category as they are right on the edge of being a premium line. They have great ships, nice service, good food and are especially great for families as they have something on board that will appeal to every age group.

3. NCL – Mass market line – Looks nice from the outside – all ships do, but service has been a big issue on NCL, and some people like the food while others don’t.

4. Carnival – Unless you’re 20-something, are on a low budget and just want to party 24/7, this is not the line for you.

You’ll find many on this site who will recommend Carnival or NClL and say how great they are, but these are people who have never been on any other line and don’t really know what’s out there. Carnival and NCL are at the low end of many agents’ lists because of poor service, food quality, etc. but people insist on booking them because of the cheap fares. Remember- you get what you pay for and I’d want your first cruise experience to be wonderful.

Since you’ll be in a warm weather climate, if you can afford it, book yourself a room with a balcony. You’ll enjoy relaxing out there and enjoying the sun, having drinks or meals served there.
Those that say you won’t spend a lot of time in your cabin are the same people who book inside cabins. These cabins have no windows or natural light, so, no matter what time of the day or night you walk into them, it will always be pitch black. The only way you’ll know where you are or what the weather is like will be if you go up on deck. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time in my cabin either if all I had to go to was a dark hole!!! If you don’t want to spend the money for a balcony, get yourself something with a window – you’ll appreciate this where you’re going.

Another thing to remember is whatever cruise you choose, you’ll still have expenses once you book the cruise and air. Have the agent check if they can find air cheaper than the air from the cruise line. Spend your money in the right places – if you can afford it, fly into the port so you arrive the day before the ship sails and overnight in a hotel (even if its a Motel 6), especially if you’re flying to the port. If there’s a weather delay or you miss a connection the day of the sailing, you might not make the sailing. Make sure you book travel insurance – it cheaper booking independently vs. insurance thru the cruise ship offers – try Travelex or Travel Guard. If you have to cancel your trip or if you miss the sailing, loose your luggage, are injured during the cruise, etc. you’re covered and can usually recover most or all of your expenses.

Plan a budget for gratuities, shore excursions, alcoholic & soft drinks, restaurants fees (if you want to eat in the specialty restaurants vs. the dining rooms), shopping on board and in ports, spa/salon treatments, gambling, etc. These are expenses you’ll incur besides the cost of the cruise. .

This is about as much info as I think anyone will give you. Know its alot, but, if you follow my advice, you’ll have a great trip.

Bon Voyage!

Parking the Voyager of the Seas in Miami; last breakfast in

Vacation Destination Orlando: The Ultimate Family Fun Travel Guide to Central Florida (Kindle Edition)

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Vacation Destination Orlando: The Ultimate Family Fun Travel Guide to Central Florida

The world’s greatest playground, Orlando, Florida is magical! It is the home of many thrilling adventure opportunities. Millions of visitors come to Orlando each year, making it the No.1 tourist destination in the world. Whether traveling from within the United States, or from abroad, a successful vacation in Central Florida depends upon having the perfect personal tour guide in your hand. This travel guide provides all the important and necessary information for visitors desiri (more…)

Orlando Magic NBA Season Preview

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What’s great about being a fan of any sports team is basically sharing the experiences that the entire organization goes through season by season. Obviously you do not talk to the GM’s, owners, or players on a regular basis or even discuss your opinions and thoughts with them at all. But throughout the entire season and playoffs (if your team is fortunate enough to make it there) you get a feeling of attachment as if you were just another player on the roster, conversing your ideas with the team.

When things go well you shout stuff like, “That is why I love this team, there is no organization better than us.” And when things go wrong you scream and yell things like, “Wow, how can they be so stupid?…If I was the coach that would have never happened!” But nevertheless, you support your team through thick and thin to the fullest.

As a fan of the Orlando Magic, last season was one of the best ones in recent memory. Having been discounted by the NBA world as a team with a good record that wouldn’t make it past Cleveland or Boston, many felt that the Magic simply couldn’t compete at the level of these teams.

Once they miraculously succeeded past the Celtics in seven games, they were once again the underdogs against the Cleveland Cavaliers who not only had the full support from their fans (since they owned the best NBA season record) but literally each and every NBA analyst on ESPN. (Click here and go to the middle right if you do not believe me, 10 experts chose Cleveland to win). Defying all odds, Orlando headed to the NBA Finals for the second time in their 20 years existence. They obviously had the patronage of their fans behind them, but once again, absolutely no love from the media. After losing in five games, the Magic went into the off-season with their heads up and their confidence at an all time high.

Aside from the momentum that any NBA finals run brings, Orlando has bolstered its roster tremendously during the off-season. Vince Carter is one of the top players in the league, and the threesome of Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Vince Carter will undoubtedly be one of the strongest in the NBA. Building around them, the team has made some nice moves, with the addition of Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson, and Brandon Bass, all of whom are capable of building around these All-Stars and strengthening the team all around. Rashard Lewis will sit out the first three weeks of the season due to a substance abuse violation, but the team remains strong as ever nonetheless.

Many might see this as a major problem, but all is calm in Orlando. The team will be just fine without him.

The Magic will use Lewis’s absence to experiment with its roster, seeing who fits where. With many potential pieces to the puzzle, players like Barnes, Pietrus, Anderson, Bass, Redick, and Gortat all have opportunities to establish their roles and familiarize themselves with the new Magic team. Ten games won’t make or break a season, so the Magic will make the most of their time without Lewis.

The fact that the loss of the team’s second most valuable player (and an All-Star) won’t have much of a perceived impact on the team’s performance says it all about the state of Orlando basketball. This should be another one of those up years for the team’s fans.

For the best NBA rumors, analysis, and discussions, make sure to come to the NBA basketball forum at RootZoo, where you can also play around with the world’s largest database of trivia questions.

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