Caribbean Vacations Package Deals

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caribbean vacations package deals
with a crappy economy, where can I get a great vacation package for the Caribbean this holiday season?

with a crappy economy, where can I get a great vacation package for the Caribbean this holiday season?

I still have a job and a budget for a vacation, so would like to take advantage of it, where can I find good deals to the Caribbean? all-inclusive is fine, but not a requirement.

we used this site to book a cheap trip to mexico in january. we had to cancel 1 of the acitivites we booked and they reimbursed us no problem. very easy site to navigate and the prices were +/- $300 less than every travel agent we tried ! last minute (used to be site 59) is owed by American Express, so I found them reputable…

Good luck & hope you find something nice within your budget!

Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, Jamaica – Jerk sauce class

Caribbean Travel Offers

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caribbean travel offers
Cruise Travel?

Does royal caribbean offer all-inclusive where ur drinks and food are already included in the price? I’m confused on what I will need to pay for other than the base price…thanks

The price of your cruise includes your cabin, great meals all day, all entertainments, and free use of all of the ship’s facilities, like the gym, rock climbing wall, skating rink, etc. The things you will have to pay for in addition to the fare that you paid are:

Gratuities: They will amount to about $10 PER PERSON in your cabin PER DAY; about $70 each for the week. When you check in at the pier they will set up an on-board charge account for you to cover any and everything you may buy on ship. They will issue you a “cruise card” which will also serve as your room key and pass to get on and off the ship. At the end of the cruise they will add the gratuity to your tab and you can pay with a credit card or cash, your choice.

Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks: Coffee, tea, milk, juice, and lemonade and punch will be provided FREE but you must pay for drinks (alcoholic beverages) and they will add a 15% gratuity to each drink or soft drink order. You can save on drinks by ordering them in a plain glass rather than the souvenir glasses they often use. You can also save money if you can by taking a six-pack of bottled water and soft drinks with you in your carry on. Since you cannot take these through airport security you would have to get them after leaving the airport.

Photographs: Cruise lines will take plenty of photographs of you all over the ship, in the dining room, and as you exit the ship in ports. These will cost a lot, like $15 to $20 for most. Skip them and save yourself a lot of money. Take your own camera and have the other passengers photograph you on and off the ship.

Tours/Excursions: These are listed on your cruise line web site and you can reserve them well before the cruise and pay for them also. If you wait until you are on ship to book tours they will be charged to your on board account (then you can pay cash to settle your account on the last day). But, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANY TOURS if you do not want to. You can just get off the ship (in many ports you will be right in/near a city) and explore on your own.

Souvenirs: Anything you buy on ship from a gift shop or duty free shop goes on your on board account. Things that you buy on shore you pay cash or credit card for.

Casino: If you plan to gamble on ship you will need cash for that. You can get cash from the casino to play (or not to play) by just going to the casino cage and presenting your cruise card; what you get is charged to your cruise card.

Other: most RC ships have what they call “specialty” restaurants where there is a gratuity/service charge. All other food on board is free and its not really necessary to budget for food; you cannot eat all that will be available. But if/when you eat in these specialty restaurants there is a gratuity/service charge of $15 to $20, depending upon the restaurant. If the ship has a Johnny Rockets, the charge is only $5.00.

If you want a spa treatment or massage, or your hair done you must pay for that. You can buy a soft drink card that allows you unlimited soft drinks for the duration of your cruise (cost about $25 for a 7 day cruise) but you cannot buy drink cards.

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Eastern Caribbean Travel Guide

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eastern caribbean travel guide

Voyager of the Seas – RCCL – Travel Movies

Caribbean Travel Agents London

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caribbean travel agents london


Caribbean Travel Advice

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caribbean travel advice
Caribbean Family Vacation with 18-month old, hubby and one hot momma!..Advice:?

Mommies and Dad’s, Ladies and Gent’s, I plan to vacation this year with my husband and this is the first year that we will be taking our daughter who will be 18-months when we travel. I’ve been a lot of places, but never far from home with my baby. I want to hit the Caribbean (Grand Cayman to be exact) but I’m nervous. I’m afraid that there won’t be enouph for my baby to do and nervous that she’ll be fussy and then we (mom and dad) won’t have fun. Please note that I have a baby that goes EVERYWHERE with me. I mean, she can hang! But you know, I’m a mom, so I worry….

Has anyone out there traveled, cruised (Carnival), flown or car-traveled (Michigan to Florida) with their baby this young? What is the best places you’ve been and/or somewhere you’d suggest? Somewhere with great service is a must….and family accomadations also….

I want this trip to fun for the whole fam, not just for me. Also, what did you take that you’re glad you didn’t leave home without?

My husband and I traveled this past February with our then 21 month old toddler. I too was very nervous. We wanted to go somewhere warm. I thought that a nice place in the Caribbean on the beach would just not be stimulating enough for my toddler. We’re busy people and love to go go go. So we decided on Disney World. My Husband and I had never been there, so we thought there will be plenty to do, yet if we want we don’t have to do anything at all. We had planned to just go with the flow. Let our daughter take her naps when she needed, etc. Well that didn’t happen because there was so much that WE wanted to see and do. We were probably a little selfish. Anyway, my daughter wanted to swim all day at the pool. I would have never guessed! I think a Caribbean vacation would be perfect for a little one. More relaxed so your toddler and your family are more likely to stay less stressed and more happy. I would stay somewhere with a pool or a beach. Kids love to swim in warm weather. We flew. Again, I was extremely nervous. I brought lots of yummy snacks, light on the sugar, so their not bouncing off the walls of the plane. Also, brought lots of paperback books. You can bring more and they’re lighter to carry along then hard cover or boardbooks. Brought her blanket, which she’s very attached to. Brought coloring books and a pack of markers. And we brought our laptop computer and a few of her favorite movies. The 4 hour plane ride went surprisingly well! One last suggestion. Under the age of 2 you don’t need to buy a seat on a plane. If you choose not too, check in early and see if they have any extra seats that you can be moved to. Good Luck!


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